Using Numerology to Find Your Balance

When you are balanced and you feel free in your life, you can live a happy and peaceful life. Balance is not something that is easy to get and when you are experiencing hard things in your life, balance can be even harder to achieve.

If you have a problem that takes up all of your day, things in your life can suffer. You have to find balance in your life and learn how to handle your problems and fix them and how to make things better so that you can live a good life. Using numbers in numerology can help to balance your life.

Numerology and Balance

When you write your name out such as the name that is written on your birth certificate and then you take the initials of your first and last name and find the numerical value in your chart, you will find that you can use however many names that you have. If you have five names, use five initials but if you have only two, that is okay too.

Find the number that fits with your letter of your name and then add them together. Take the total and then reduce it as low as you can to a number between 1-9.

Here is an example: Jerry Harvey Schneider has initials that are JHS.

The chart says the J is 1, the H is 8 and the S is 1. When you add them up you get the number 10? This can be reduced by adding 1+0 and that is 1.

The balance of Jerry Harvey Schneider’s number is 1.

Sometimes your numerology might come up as the 11, 22, 33 or other Master Numbers, but when you calculate your number, you have to ignore the Master Numbers. For example, if your number is 11 then it would be 2 because you reduce it 1+1 is 2.

A, J, S =1

B, K, T=2

C, L, U=3

D, M, V=4

E, N, W=5

F, O, X=6

G, P, Y=7

H, Q, Z=8

I, R=9

Numbers and Their Meanings

The balance of the number one means that you worry yourself too much. You need to have people from the outside to give you insight. Go to someone you trust and share your problems and let them give you a new perspective. It is hard to open up to the world, but you can.

Balance 2

The number 2 means that you are emotional and that your thoughts are clouded. You hate conflict and you miss out on things because you won’t compromise. Put your worries away and learn to center your emotions.

Balance 3

You tend to take an emotional approach to things, and you are always wanting to have the answers. You get confused and have tunnel vision. You have a gift to bring people together, but you have to learn to compromise.

Balance 4

When you face problems, you might become angry and you want to force there to be a resolution. Take time to really look at the problem and you can see that you can solve it from different points.

Balance 5

You try to avoid problems instead of facing them. You have bad habits such as eating or drinking alcohol. You do this because you want to mask your problems. Learn to be creative and you will come up with a solution.

Balance 6

You see issues and what causes them, but you want other people to fix your problems. If you don’t fix them, you want to run away from them. Help yourself the way that you want others to help you so that you can have balance.

Balance 7

You are able to deal with your emotions and your problems. You can solve any problem if you take time to analyze it.

Balance 8

The balance here is that you can recognize problems and tell other people how to solve them. You will become balanced yourself though when you are able to help others find ways to solve things and you become more open.

Balance 9

You see things in a big way, and you are empathetic to others. You sometimes remove yourself form problems because you are practical, and you want to find balance by being down to earth.