Understanding Your Spiritual Masters

There are different ascended masters that are enlightened people that you can call on to help you in the world that you live in. These people are like angels or guides, and they are there to guide you and to show you care as you live your life. These are people that walked on the earth, and they died by giving their light and love to those around them. Some of these people are people that have lived long lives and others are myths, legends, angels, gods, goddesses and more.

Here are some of the best spiritual masters to learn about:

El Morya

El Morya is a name that was given to protect the Ranbir Singh, who was a man that was very aware of the spiritual world around him. His family ruled Kashmir which was in India. It is believed that El Morya helped to stop the British invasion in the 1845 with his spiritual aid.

It is thought that El Morya is able to connect with the “I am,” and is able to come in and help you with your growth and with your universal connection. He is meant to protect you with his cloak and to keep your energy positive. He will help you when you are facing drama and negative energies in your life and will put his blue cloak of sapphire around you.

Mahavatar Babaji

This name means “great incarnation,” and “sacred father.” He is a respected master that was found during an Indian Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda. Babaji is 2,000 years old, and he is able to travel to other worlds and to come to Earth whenever he wants to. Some believe that he went to death and then came in a materialized form to the natural world.

He is a master that wants you to expand your soul and you can meditate to reach him. He has wisdom that can come deep inside of you, and you can ask him to come in the form of a sacred cave.

Lady Nada

Lady Nada is meant to be seen as a spiritual priestess. She is said to once have lived in Atlantis and has a light force to make your heart have divine love. He is a lightkeeper and wants to show you truth and to allow you to be vulnerable to love.

She has teachings that can help to heal and wake up the heart and even when your heart hurts, she will never let it be broken. She can come in the form of a pink rose and come to the center of your chest for love.

The Shekinah

This is a twin flame and is one that is a she god. She is one that is able to show herself and is a female spirit that reminds people to love and accept all kinds of energy. When she comes, she comes on a mission to give you love and to share gifts with you. She comes in the form of a white light.

Holy Amethyst

This is a twin flame of Zadkiel, and she is there to help with the violet flame energy. She will give support and show love to everyone who asks her to come. She will help to get rid of fear and will allow you to have wisdom and to learn from your mistakes.

She can turn everything in your life into gold and she can transform you into light. She has a place in your heart that works with the violet flame energy and will help you to change and move on from your past.