How to Keep Your Energy Strong

People are attached to their bodies, and they know that their bodies are made up of different kinds of energies. When someone is feeling happy and confident, this is part of their energy body.

The energy body will pick up different emotions and this will determine how our physical body feels. For example, if you are late for a meeting and you are stuck in traffic, you will think about what your boss is going to say, and your negative feelings will cause your stress level to go up. Your body will react to this such as your heart beating faster and other symptoms.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our bodies. Every decision that you make is something that you can either stress about or you can learn to take action and choose to stay calm and collected.

The more stressed you get about something, especially when you cannot change it, the less you can control your energy.

There are different things you can do to protect your energy.

Why Cleanse Your Energy?

Cleansing your energy is as important as keeping your body clean. When you have clean energy and you are positive, you can keep your aura strong, and you can make sure that your energy vibrations are strong.

An empath is a person that is very sensitive to the energy around them, and they can feel the energy and the vibrations of things and people. Cleansing your energy will help you to feel better in all things in life.

If an empath goes into a place that is crowded, there is a lot of energy there. An empath will pick up on this energy and it can cause them to feel stressed out and anxious. When you cleanse your energy, you will see that you are protected, and you don’t get upset as easily.

Ways to Cleanse Your Energies

There are different ways that you can cleanse your energy field. You can protect your environment as well and it will be twice as effective. Protect and cleanse your energy and you will be healthier and happier.


Smudging is one way that you can cleanse your energy. This is an ancient way to get rid of negative spirits or energy. You can purify your area and it can take away stress. You can also use Palo Santo.

Using sage or Palo Santo can work best if you use it on the fan. Make sure that you state your intentions before you begin.


There are different crystals that can help to cleanse your area and selenite is one of them. This is a great stone that gives you peace and can help you to have pure light. If you want to clear your aura, you can put this crystal in your drawer, under your pillow or carry it with you.

Make sure that your crystal is cleansed after you use it for a while to keep it strong.

Deep Breathing

There are different deep breathing techniques called Pranayama. You can learn to do this wherever you are and whenever you feel stressed. This can lower your stress and help you to be aligned with your mind, body, and soul.


Visualizing is a technique that will help to cleanse your aura deeply. You can do this while you meditate, and it will clear out the negativity from your chakras and your aura. Imagine that you are protected by a shield and then feel grounded.

Black Tourmaline

Another great crystal to keep you safe is Black Tourmaline. This crystal will help to ground you and keep you strong. You will be able to repel negativity if you keep this stone in your car, your home or even your office.

Angel Michael

You can ask Michael to help you and to protect your energy and your aura. Ask him to help you to be aware of negativity that comes to you.

Ask him to put a light around you to protect you and keep you safe from anything that is not good for you.


Cleansing your energy is as important as keeping your body clean. When you cleanse your environment, you will feel calm and collected. You will be positive, and you will be strong.

You can use this ritual to keep you safe and to put a shield of protect around you. No matter what way you choose to cleanse your energy, you will feel better almost instantly. This will help you to be calm and happy and that is important for your life.