When Your Ego Traps You

Your ego can trick you and it can make you think that you are on the right spiritual path even when you aren’t. Instead of being aware, your ego can make you feel overly important or prideful.

The spiritual ego is one that is not easy to see because we often believe that we are living the right life. When we learn our spiritual self, we can face things that are stopping our enlightenement.

The spiritual ego is an ego that is meant to protect you, but it does it in a negative way. The ego can help you if you confront it.

Embody Yourself

The ego can trick you into performing instead of embodying yourself. As you become more knowledgeable, you will need to learn to keep moving forward. You will have to interact with people that make your life harder and not care so much about how things look.

Even if you act a certain way, if you aren’t spiritual then you are not learning the lessons that life is trying to show you.

Being Superior

The ego will often make you feel that you are better than others. You think that you are more spiritual, and you do less practicing and more running your mouth. You say that you have gifts and spiritual insight, but you don’t practice it. The ego makes you feel that you are perfect.

This is a trap that we have all fallen into and it is important to be aware of it.

No Empathy

Having no empathy is part of the ego. Spiritual people should be empathetic, and they need to see that this is part of their path. If you are annoyed by people that need your compassion, then this is proof that the ego is taking charge.

Be aware of your own falseness and realize that you are being a hypocrite when you are putting others down for the same things. There is no one on earth that hasn’t been hypocritical in some way or another. When you judge others, you are being less spiritual, and you are being blind to your own problems.

No Responsibility

Those that have no empathy often are irresponsible. They think that others should do what they are supposed to do, and they do not take their responsibility serious. They believe that they are perfect and that they have the best intuition. They believe that they do nothing wrong.

Each person that learns and teaches has the chances to be wrong and if you are aware of your mistakes, you can grow in your spiritual self.

Afraid of Ignorance

Being spiritual aware means that you can admit that you don’t know everything. You can know that there are things that you don’t know and be okay with that. As you start your awakening, you need to find answers and get knowledge from people other than yourself. Let your journey be alive.

You don’t have al the answers and you need to take time to learn new things. As you are confused in a situation, it gives you a chance to grow and to become better.

Ignoring the Negativity

Everyone is not going to be positive always. Being spiritual will bring you more peace and joy but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be times where you aren’t negative. Learn to be more positive and to focus on your reality. Look at things that bring you peace and embrace them.

Reflect on how you are feeling and when you are feeling negative, pay attention to it. Don’t focus on the negative but know that everyone has these times and learn from them.

Ignoring Yourself

When you ignore yourself and your physical being, you will be abandoning your real self. This means you will never be whole. You might think that you are not limited, and you won’t face anything hard, but that is the ego taking charge.

As you go through your spiritual awakening, you will see that your chakras need to be focused on. They are important to your energy and who you are. Learn to embrace who you are in the physical body and address any problems that you are facing. Don’t hide your problems or run from them but embrace them and fix them. Here is how:

  • Ground yourself.
  • Do rituals.
  • Journal.

Your being both physical and spiritual are connected, and this means when your spiritual is blocked, so is your physical.

Fighting the Ego

You need to find out what you are facing and what your real spiritual identity is. Pay attention to who you are and what you need. Stop ignoring your needs or anything negative in your life.

Address the things that you need to change and change them even if it is uncomfortable. Talk to yourself and find out what you need. Learn from your ego and create a place where you can confront it and deal with it.

Your ego wants to hide and so you need to make sure that you don’t let it and you allow your judgements to shine.

What to Do

Make a list of your spiritual self. Figure out what you believe and what your values are. Think of the behaviors that you have. What do you believe about your spiritual being?

There are things that aren’t bad that you need to look at and be aware of. Look at how you respond to your identity and if you feel threatened by things about yourself or by your questions. Connect to your spiritual self and see if you feel defensive. Practice love and compassion and ask yourself questions without being hard on yourself.

It is not easy to fight against the ego, but you have to do this so that you can get rid of all of the negativity that is hiding below the surface.