Methods to Boost Your Luck

We have all spent time in our lives wondering why one person gets sick while another stays healthy or why some people seem to luck into wealth, while others continually fail. Many people questions like this are answered by one thing, luck. For some, good luck seems to come naturally, but if you are not one of the “lucky” ones, it is possible to turn things around. A lucky attitude can go a long way to helping you feel and be luckier. Remember, even the luckiest people are not lucky at all times, but you can turn the odds in your favor. This is possible by having faith that you are a lucky person which makes you more likely to take advantage of opportunities.

Below are several ways to bring luck into your life and start seeing positive effects:

Positive Thinking

If you are a glass half full person, then you are already using positive thinking. Being an optimist can actually relieve stress and help extend your lifespan. It can also help you do things like win sweepstakes because if you feel you have a chance at winning, then you are likely to continue to enter, increasing your chances. Talk yourself up and make it fun by creating some lucky charms or listening to uplifting music. Do not let your negativity steal your luck away.


Visualization is a psychological technique in which you picture yourself accomplishing a goal to help you work out the steps to make it happen. Use visualization to imagine winning a big prize and allow this to fuel your luck. When you can see yourself being a winner, you can work backward to see how to make it real. This can be used in multiple life areas.


Positive affirmations have grown in popularity for a reason. Many people start their day by saying positive affirmations to themselves in the mirror. Affirmations plant the seeds of success in the subconscious and help you be more prepared for success as you think positively. Affirmations are always positive, in the first person, and in present tense as you write or say them. To improve your luck, try “I am lucky. I am a winner. I am the best.”

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art. This allows balance, health, and luck to flow into the lives of those who practice it. Apply the principles of Feng Shui to help you be more productive, positive, and much less distracted. One principle is that clutter has a negative effect on energy. Use Feng Shui to keep a sweepstakes entry area neat and tidy so you can focus and enter more times with less effort. This will help increase your luck.

Rituals and Charms

Many people believe that their luck is increased by wearing a certain tee or pair of socks as they enter a contest or event. Keep lucky symbols like a four leaf clover, dolls, or ladybugs near forms for what you are doing. Some people prefer rituals like playing a certain song to increase luck or doing certain actions before entering a contest. These rituals and charms make you feel luckier which will bring luck into your life. Even if it is just part of a self-fulfilling prophecy, it is worth it.

Increase Karma

Karma is a tenet of Hinduism that is summarized as what goes around comes around. If you do good for others, good will come to you. Create some good karma for yourself by sharing codes, answers to trivia questions, and posting links to contests to help others win. Helping one another win increases the luck of everyone.


Many turn to a greater power for increased luck. Try saying a prayer, strength, or a positive attitude to bring goodwill to whatever you may be doing. Whether talking to God, meditating, or asking the universe, spirituality can bring positivity and luck.

Work Harder

Hard work brings more luck because the more work you put into a task, the more likely you get a return on that work. Be patient and persistent and you will see your luck increase.