The Power of Meditation

Meditation can help with an array of hurdles you are facing in your life.  It helps people feel calmer, more grounded and increase feelings of satisfaction with life.

Here are nine ways you can improve your meditation practice today:

  1. Build from a 5-minute towards a 30-minute daily practice: You can see meditation’s benefits within the first five minutes.  However, people frequently find 15 to 30 minutes to be optimal.
  2. Remove distractions: Find a period of your day where you can be alone with yourself. For some people it can be first thing in the morning, whereas other prefer later in the evening.
  3. Get comfy: Stretching prior to meditating can be helpful to relax the body as well as the mind.  It can also create a signal to yourself that you are about to enter a more peaceful mindset.
  4. Find your position: You can meditation while sitting, laying down, or even doing gentle movements.  Find something where you can be comfortable with a straight spine.
  5. Maintain focus: It’s ok if your mind wanders, use your breath to bring yourself back to the present moment.  Use this time to heal yourself from the inside out.  You can meditate with open or closed eyes.  You may also choose to incorporate relaxing music or nature sounds.  Ensure you stay in the present rather than ruminate on the past or worry about what you are going to make for dinner.
  6. Practice slow diaphragmic breathing: Take a few slow, deep breaths, making sure your exhales as longer than your inhales.  Notice how this style of breathing become more natural over time and producing a relaxed and peaceful feeling in your body.
  7. Use your breath to recenter your thoughts: It’s ok if your mind wanders, reconnect with your deep breathing to bring your thoughts back to the present moment.  As you increase your meditation practice your brain will begin to wander less and less.  Meditation is all about bringing your mind back to the present moment.
  8. End your practice slowly: When you are ready to stop meditation, gradually open your eyes.  Let yourself settle back into your body and gentle take yourself out of your meditation posture.  Find pride in successfully accomplishing this act of self-care.
  9. Be patient with your practice: There is no race to creating a successful meditation practice.  Some days you will only be able to mediate for five minutes, other days you may be able to extend your practice towards 15 minutes.  It’s ok if you feel frustrated at first, with time you will get more comfortable.  No matter the time, you will see benefits from this time with yourself.  You will notice an increase in peace, calmness, and joy in your life.  Keep committed to your practice.