Angel Secrets You Never Knew

Angels are spiritual beings and they are there to give you messages from the universe. Angels are beautiful to look at according to stories and they have mighty wings. But their looks isn’t the only thing that is powerful.

Angel Science

There is a word called Angelology that is the study of angels. This is a scientific term of figuring out the divine through theology. This study focuses on different religions and how angels fit into it.

Different Kinds of Angels

There are different kinds of angels in the world and they are ranked in order of hierarchy. Some angels in the Bible have different stages of cherubim, seraphim and more. Most people know what a cherubim is, and they are angels that have human faces and big wings.

There are angels in the Islamic religion and those angels are the ones that are closest to the gods. They have power and they are able to do mighty things.

Angel and Lucifer

Even Lucifer was an angel. The Bible talks about how Lucifer wanted to take over the kingdom and he fell from heaven. He took souls with him.


A Nephilim is an angel that was mixed with a human, and they would become giants. They are the fallen ones, and they are seen as bad.

Feathers and Coins

Sometimes if you see a coin or a feather, some people believe that this is a sign that the angels are trying to get your attention. Angels are there to guide you and protect you and so anything that they send you might be a symbolic thing.

Angels can have a relationship with you and they can guide you and show you which way to go in your life. Even in different religions, the angels have relationships with people around them to help them live their best lives.

Final Thoughts

Angels are seen throughout many different religions, and they are there to guide you and to fight for you. If you see a feather, coin or another sign, pay attention to it. Your angels might be trying to give you a message of love, hope or peace.