Completing Your Spiritual Assignments

Have you ever felt like you had problems that kept coming back to you over and over again? One problem people often faces has to do with relationships and being with different partners. Sometimes when you go into relationship after relationship, you find that the situation seems to keep being the same disappointing thing.

Maybe when you deal with money you keep realizing that you never have enough. There might be something that comes up that keeps being holding you back from reaching your goals.


A big problem is that people know what is going on in their life, but they keep missing their spiritual assignments. These spiritual assignments are things that the universe gives you in order to help you to grow and help you to heal.

What Does the Assignment Look Like?

A spiritual assignment is something that can help you to focus on your life and what you are missing. Once you realize that you are repeating behaviors that are unhealthy or not good for your life, you will see that you are missing out on something.

Chances are that you will see that you are clearly making the same mistakes over and over and that you seem to misinterpret everything that comes your way.

In relationships, you might find that you are not good at reading what the person wants from you and you end up head over heels in love with someone that has issues and is not able to give you what you want. Or, maybe you keep getting into relationships that never seem to last more than a short time.

Accepting Your Assignments

No matter what kind of assignments the universe gives you, here are some ways that you can accept them and become a stronger and more spiritual person.

Know Your Assignment

Do not be afraid of what you are facing but if you are fearful, admit it. No matter what you are feeling, you need to know what has come as your assignment so that you can face it and work through it.

When you are in a situation and you can admit it, you are taking a big step towards healing.

Stop Trying to Avoid It

Be thankful for every situation that the universe gives you. Being thankful and allow the assignment to come can help you to heal and help you to realize how good your life is.

Being uncomfortable is a way that the universe can show you how to grow so stop complaining about it and learn to be thankful for each assignment that leads you to your better you.

Honor Yourself

Stop hiding or suppressing your feelings and learn to be present with your feelings. You have to be willing to face whatever you are facing such as fear, pain, hurt, anger or any other emotion. When you hide these emotions and you do not face them, you give away your power and you miss out on a better life.

Give yourself a certain amount of time to embrace your feelings, 30 seconds, a minute, whatever you need. After your time is up, let the feeling go. This will keep you strong.

Have Compassion

Stop judging yourself and others for what has went wrong in your life. Honor yourself for taking the step to heal and allow the universe to get rid of your past wounds.

Have Faith

Believe in the universe and know that the assignment that it gives you is to help you and to help you to become a better person. Support yourself and let the universe guide you.

Clean Your Life Up

Do not allow drama to follow you and learn to clean up the people that you are hanging out with. If you are around negative people or people that are causing you harm, move from them and find other people to hang out with.


Accept healing in your life. Once you allow these things to come and you face them, you will see that you can be healed and that you can be stronger in your life.