Signs of Being a Psychic Empath

Psychic empaths are able to intensely feel the emotions of other beings, often stronger than their own. This can overwhelm the emotions and overstimulate the individual with the gift. When overwhelmed, a psychic empath can manifest both anxiety and potentially erratic behavior. There are four different types of empaths: psychic, physical, intuitive, and emotional. Some believe there are others as well. Of you feel extreme empathy toward others and want to know if you are a psychic empath then the signs below will help you confirm the suspicions you may already possess.

Overwhelmed by Closeness/Intimacy

One of the signs of being a psychic empath is when you find it difficult to manage any close contact. Spending too much time with someone or another being may cause you to be stressed. This can make romantic relationships to be highly difficult. Preserve yourself with healthy boundaries.

Drown in a Crowd

Another indicator of being a psychic empath is when you tend to feel like you are drowning when in a crowd. This is because you are absorbing the energies of others, both positive and negative. It may be hard to manage the emotional noise, especially if it continues for a longer period of time. This can even cause you to feel physically unwell.


Since it can be a challenge to be too close to other beings or expose yourself to groups, you may tend toward self-isolation. You may feel comfort in shutting out the world because it brings peace and healing. When your favorite activities include time alone meditating or spent outdoors, then you are likely a psychic empath.

Nature is Comforting

While most people find true comfort and serenity in nature, a psychic empath is drawn to nature in remote areas where they can enjoy true solitude. If you find yourself completely at peace when hiking alone or while sitting on the beach watching the waves come in, alone, then it is a sign of being a psychic empath.

Extra Keen Senses

Psychic empaths tend to have a heightened sensation around certain odors or fragrances, loud sounds, or strong touches. This heightened awareness means they are more likely to read over listening to media or when any form of media is on, the volume is kept lower than most people prefer. Certain sounds may be triggering and cause an emotional response. Psychic empaths may choose not to use perfume or avoid those who have a strong smell, fragrance, or other strong scent.

Strong Gut Feelings

When you have a strong intuition or gut feelings about things which are typically correct, then you may be a psychic empath. This is because you are able to pick up subtle cues about others that provide insight into what they are thinking. Trust your intuition, especially when making decisions.

Difficulties in Not Caring

Finally, because you feel emotions of others intensely, you may find it difficult to not care or turn a blind eye. You may even make extra effort to help ease the distress of others, even if it consumes you completely. Keep in mind it is not bad to care for others, but self-care is equally important.

If the above descriptions sound familiar and applicable to your life, then you are likely a psychic empath. Learn to take care of yourself and protect this ability so that it can be useful, not overwhelming.