Ten Common Traits of Crystal Children

What are crystal children? What makes them special? Can you find out if your daughter or son is a crystal child?

To answer those questions, we need to back up a bit so we can see a bigger picture: star children. No, we’re not talking about the offspring of Hollywood celebrities! Star children are divine souls that incarnate on Earth but come from stars, constellations, and other dimensions. They’re exceptional beings who have come to bless Earth and help solve the problems we have.

The first generation of star children—indigo children—were born between about 1950 and 1990, though some came earlier. Indigo children came to abolish the old order of things. They’re fighters who championed human rights and reduced tensions during the Cold War. They supported equality and were suspicious of authority.

Crystal children, the second generation of star children, were born after 1990, though the majority came after 2000. Crystal children’s parents often were indigo children. Crystal children have their own unique agenda: they came to bring people together through love, art, and creativity. Crystal children have come to teach both the previous generations and the ones who will come after them. They’re also here to prepare for the arrival of the next generation of star beings—rainbow children.

Crystal children don’t have time for the traditional structures and conventional methods. They don’t tolerate gender roles, and they don’t define people based on occupation, creed, gender, or color. Crystal children have a completely new way to do life. They’re genuine and true to who they are, which is variable, accepting, and always adapting.

This post is the result of my research on crystal children. My daughter Aspen is one of them.

Here are 10 signs to help you discern if your child is a crystal child, too:

  1. Crystal children have transfixing gazes and often have extraordinarily colored and very round eyes.

When it comes to my Aspen, nobody can agree what color her eyes are: sometimes they’re dark greenish-brown, while other times they appear purplish-blue.

  1. Crystal children are sensitive, both physically and mentally. They experience allergies and other sensitivities related to environmental factors.

Aspen has always suffered from seasonal allergies, and frequently gets rashes from household products.

  1. Crystal children are also emotionally delicate, which often causes sleep issues such as insomnia, nightmares, and night terrors.

Aspen has never slept well at night. Even as a teenager, she stays awake at all hours. As a baby, she struggled at bedtime. We eventually decided to give up and just let her be.

  1. Crystal children have a natural sense of physical balance and love to climb.

Aspen has no fears and never really did, even as a very young child. She used to run around without opening her eyes just for fun. When we couldn’t find her, we soon realized we needed to look up. When she was a toddler, I lost track of her one afternoon in the house. I finally discovered her up in our attic. She’d climb anything, including garden walls, bookshelves, and baby gates. Her sense of balance served her well when she taught herself how to ride a two-wheeler bike one weekend at age four.

  1. Crystal children are devoted to their family and friends. They can’t stand it if a person who is important to them is experiencing physical pain or mental distress. Crystal children are natural “huggers,” and affectionately fling their arms around people, even those they just met. Crystal children have no concept of physical boundaries and personal space because they’re so deeply connected not only to all of humankind but to all living things.

Aspen loves to be close to other people. It was a tough lesson for her to learn to respect other people’s boundaries and personal space.

  1. Crystal children are “old souls” and have a knack for seeing right through people.

Aspen instinctively knows whether someone is being authentic or patronizing.

  1. Crystal children love music and singing. Despite this, many can’t read music. Why learn to read music if you can sing and play instruments without knowing how?

Aspen learned how to play guitar with a friend, and plans to study music in college. She writes lyrics and recently recorded a song with a group of friends.

  1. Crystal children aren’t comfortable in crowds and loud places. Their favorite places are their homes.

Aspen can barely tolerate noisy, over-crowded spaces. If we ever went anywhere like that, even when she was very young, we couldn’t stay long because it caused her distress.

  1. Crystal children are autodidacts, especially when it comes to things that interest them. They teach themselves the things they want to learn. They’re not difficult or angry; they just need to do their own things.

Aspen has never been a compliant student. She’s easy-going and always smiling, but even as a preschooler, she would ignore instructions if she disagreed with them. She asks for the answers she needs and has no use for any extra information. She would only do things if she wanted to do them and has always forged her own path when it comes to learning. Once when she was five years old, Aspen picked up a children’s book and read it perfectly. She taught herself how to read without formally learning. Her language skills are flawless, and she writes stories, scripts, poems, and song lyrics.

  1. As crystal children grow older, they’re becoming helpers, caregivers, volunteers, teachers, and healers.

Aspen volunteers at the neighborhood grade school to help children with their homework, and helps them get back up when they fall. They adore and appreciate her.

Do you know a crystal child, or is your son or daughter one of them? Please share your stories in the comments section!