What Kinds of Questions to Ask an Astrologer

You can talk to an astrologer, and you can ask them questions. When you get this kind of reading, you need to remember that astrology is more about projection and your birth chart and numbers and how the stars fall. When you ask the right questions though, you will see that you can find out new things about your life.

My Relationship with My Finances

One thing that you can ask that has to do with numbers and your birth chart is about your self-esteem and how confident you are in your life. It can help you to grow and help you to know about your finances and how you are mature or immature at handling money.

Sometimes people have good finances and if they are in the Chiron of the eight house then they might be in debt but if they are opposite in the planets of their birth chart then it can mean that they are good with their money.

What Talents Do I Have

You can ask about your talents and the gifts that you were given. This has to do with where the planets are sitting. If you are Venus, then you are creative and you might be artistic if you are in the fifth house.

Changing with Time

Your birth chart can change over time. You might be a cancer by birth, but you might have the personality of a Leo. This can happen as the chart progresses. As the planets change over time, you will identify with different astrological signs.

Maybe you are born a Gemini, but you have gained the traits of a Cancer. The moon will mark your emotions and is always moving so your sign can always be changing.

Professional Calling

The astrological chart and the tenth house of your chart can tell what calling you have. It can show the career you have dreamed of and how you can reach the goals to be in this career.

There is a public standing in this house that has to do with your relationships with the people at your job and it can help you to know what actions you should take to find the right job for you.

Past Life Information

You can ask the South Node of Destiny to help you know about your past life. This can also tell you about your relationships and about things such as karma. This has to do with how the planets are aligned and how the house is placed with your energies and the habits that you have.

If you have things from your past, you need to leave it behind. You can tell if a person has a past life connection that they need to get rid of buy looking at the Nodes of Destiny in the birth chart.

Lifetime Learning

You can figure out what your destiny and fate are based on the North Nodes of Destiny>T his shows you what is going on in your life and which direction you are moving.

Health and Birth Chart

The birth chart can tell you what is going on in your health based on the sixth and the eight houses. You will know if you have issues in your health that are chronic or if you are healthy.

Finding Love

There are astrological readings that can help you to know about love. You might be able to find out where your soulmate is and what kind of person you should fall in love with.

Your birth chart will tell you what you will find in love. The birth chart in the seventh house will help you to know what kind of person will attract you. This is just a projection, and it changes based on what you do in your life, but it can tell you about relationships and romance if you listen.

The birth chart is part of your energy, and you need to be clear about what you want to find in love. You can ask astrologers almost any questions and they will give you the insight based on the planets.