How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Angels

People choose everyday to connect with their spirit guides and it can be a beautiful thing for them. Some people will connect as much as they can, and they see things such as healing, and miracles happen in their life. Each time you connect with your spirit guides, you build up your team.

If you want to build up your spirit team you need to know more about them.

Spirit Team

Everyone has a spirit team. People have many different guides in their life and these guides are there to help them to be the best that they can be. The guides are there to help you reach your higher purpose and to grow in your spiritual world.

The great thing about your guides is that they never judge you or put you down no matter what decisions you make.

People have different guides depending on what is going on. Some people have a career guide, a relationship guide, a spiritual guide and so on.

The guides used to be humans but they became enlightened and reached a different dimension and so they understand all of the things that you are going through. They have shades of light that can help you.

The guides are there to guide you through things in your life and to help you deal with things such as pain, anger, shame and other things.


The Archangels are ones that have never been humans before and they are made from love and light. They are there to protect you and to deliver messages to you and to show you unconditional love.

If you need healing or help, you can ask your archangels to guide you.

Connecting to Your Guides

When you have an open heart and an open mind, you can connect with your guides easily. You will learn to trust them and to talk to them. They will be there with you all the time and you will feel safe with them.

Once you have made your connection stronger, you will begin to hear more from your guides, and you will see signs from them. Maybe you will see a specific number or animals that tells you something important about yourself.

The messages that you get from your guides helps to show you that you are on the right track in life. You may even hear names or dream of something that your guides are trying to show you.

Spend time with your guides and write down the signs that you get form them. When you mediate always call out your guides and ask them to speak to you.


Find a quiet place to sit and relax your mind. Take time to breathe deeply and let the power of love fill your body.

As you meditate, you will begin to feel new things and you will feel the energy of the spirit world around you. Allow your energy field to open up and imagine a shield of light surrounding you.

Once you finish meditating, you can write down in your journal what you felt and what messages that you received. Ask your guides to help you remember all of the things that they said to you and allow your highest good to shine.