Become Receptive to Good Luck

There are barriers that can prevent blessings and opportunities from manifesting in your life.  If you are finding life has become more difficult than it should, it might be time to notice if you have accidentally prevented good luck from finding you.  Discovering how to harness this beneficial power within you is not as difficult as you might fear.

Become receptive to serendipity

You receive the energy you put out to the Universe.  Become aware of the impact of your emotions, thoughts, and actions.  You can receive more good luck in your life, by sincerely acting with genuine empathy and kindness without any expectations.

Meditate or pray regularly

When you need love, turn inward.  The good fortune might not come in a way you wish or expect, but it will manifest in the most meaningful way possible.  Have faith and trust your intuition.

Create a vision board

At time it will take seeing the change we wish to make as a means to believe in it.  Vision boards are tangible and creative ways to identify your goals, passions, and action steps.  But putting your ideas of success down on paper you can literally see your life improving before your eyes.

Say “yes”

People often will say “no” out of fear or anxiety.  By saying “yes” we free ourselves to explore any and all opportunities.  We push ourselves beyond our comfort zone that can broaden our life perspectives, and potentially make us more receptive to good luck.