Knowing Your Pets

Many believe that their pet has psychic or telepathic abilities. For those who feel a strong affinity with animals, they are often true believers. Others tend to laugh and shrug off even the suggestion. However, there are several examples of psychic pets which we will explore below. The first is of Lord Carnarvon whose dog, at the moment of the owner’s death, howled so loudly it woke the entire household. There was no way the dog could have known that his master had passed without some type of telepathic link already connecting them.

Over the years, many other stories have made their way into television programs, shared stories, and anecdotal evidence to support psychic animals. Many owners have said that even if the master changed the time at which they returned home or took a different path home, the pet would sit by the door waiting. If the owner’s time changed, the pet would stop whatever they were doing, prick up their ears and wait by the door at the right time, even if varied from the norm. While some may say this is routine and habit, especially if the car made a specific noise or dinner always followed their coming home, researchers tried to trick animals and it did not work. The pets never raced home and waited by the door, even if all the conditions were the same other than the owner.

One person tells a story of a dog that knew his owner was coming from several streets away and would always bound toward the door. While some thought it may be the owner’s driving, it never mattered which car or motorcycle was being driven, the dog always knew. Even if pets are not psychic, they are highly intuitive. There are even dogs who smell cancer as a job. There is nothing psychic to it, they can smell the scent of the biochemical changes and detect the cancer. Other animals, like dolphins have also been known to form a protective ring around those with cancer, instinctually knowing that the person needs protection due to an illness.

There are more stories about animals who knew the person they loved was in trouble, often going to extraordinary lengths to make sure to find the person. Sometimes, the person was in a snow drift, trapped somewhere, or lost in the wilderness. Some pets seem to know when their owner needs extra support, even if they are not normally overly affectionate. These highly empathic animals are not all that unusual. Many also share about pets who have passed on, but still contact their owners. This brings scoffing from some people, but those who believe understand. Shirley MacLaine, the actress, has always been adamant about her dog who was her soulmate and the reincarnation of a loved one. Others have said that an old pet communicates through a new one that is totally different, but randomly shows behaviors of the previous pet that is totally out of character.

Some owner’s have reported seeing an animal that has passed on while out and about. The animal sighting brings with it love, happiness, and peace as the spirit is communicating with the one they loved. Animals are truly intuitive and while they are on earth, they use this ability to its fullest potential. Once they pass, many believe they can also come around to visit, much like lost loved ones. Know your past pets are always around and will watch over you until you can be together again.