Retrocognition is being able to know things from a past time. This is also known as postcognition and can be broken down to the two words retro and cognition to mean knowledge from the past.

This is a psychic giftings that some people have, and it happens when someone has information that they do not know where they got it from. This information can come when you meet someone for the first time, or you have been around them before.

Retrocognition can also be associated with ghosts and spirits and it can be when you see people from different lives or past times. This can come in a vision or play in your mind. Someone that is a psychic can use their powers of retrocognition to help solve crimes and to help remember things in the life of others that is traumatic.

How Does it Work?

Retrocognition happens when someone feels the energies from people or objects. Those that have this gifting are able to take an object and use their powers to feel the energies from these things. This can allow them to see visions or to get information from the object.

Some people that have this gift can see visions of people, animals or places and they can use this even when they are dreaming for astral projection or hypnosis.

Developing the Gift

If you want to develop the gift of retrocognition, you can do that just like other gifts. Like anything else, some people might be better at this gift than you but keep working towards it and you might find that you are more gifted in it than you imagined.

Ways to Develop Retrocognition

There are certain things you can do to increase this gifting such as:


Meditating each day can help you to free your mind and body of distractions and can help you have peace in your mind. When you do this each day, you learn to connect more with the spirit world and you learn to receive what the spirits want to tell you or show you, which can be things from the past.


Another way that you can develop your gift is by paying attention to your dreams. Dreams do not have any kind of laws that they have to follow so when you have a dream, pay attention to it and write down the details of your dream.

Keep a journal or a dream journal and it can help you to decipher your dreams and special images or signs that you see in your dreams.


Using divination tools can help you to develop your psychic giftings. You can use tarot cards or runes to help you to practice increasing your psychic gifts.


If you really want to reveal what is hidden inside of you, go to a trusted person and let them do hypnosis on you. Make sure that you are able to trust them. Then take the information that they give you and apply it to your life.

Look into what your life is trying to show you and let yourself see your past like you are watching it on a television show.

Kinds of Retrocognition

There are different kinds of retrocognition such as psychometry and déjà vu. These things are not called retrocognition, but they are very similar and help you see in the past.

Déjà vu

Almost everyone in the world has felt like they have Déjà vu. This happens when you feel that you have been at a place before, but you know that in this world you have never been.

Many believe that Déjà vu is part of a past life memory and in some cultures, people believe that when you experience déjà vu it happens because you are reincarnated into something or someone else and you are having memories of your last life.

Some children can even remember past addresses, even if they are very young or have never been to that specific house before.


Psychometry is where you can touch an object and know more about someone just because you are holding their stuff. This has happened in the past with many different people and people have been able to know where someone is living or to help find missing people, just by holding an object that belongs to them.


Using retrocognition can help you to find out more about the past of yourself or of others. You can understand what your life is holding for you and learn to know if you need to change anything in your future.