Can We Get Our Own Akashic Records?

Many people imagine that Akashic records are stacked in some cosmic file cabinet and that they are stacked all the way to the moon and back, or wherever that cosmic storage is found.

Where did this idea of the Akashic Records come from and how do we get these records?

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are the things in your past life and everything that you have though or said. This is meant to be the good and the bad things about you from your past, present and future. These are meant to be reports that show what you have done in all of your soul journey.


Akashic Records was first talked about by Helena Blavatsky which was a Theosophical person. She believed that the records went as far as the times of the Monks and she found that the word “akasha” was a Sanskrit word that was part of the eastern belief ideas. This is considered a place of reality that exists and that records all the things that we have done.

Blavatsky thought that these records were able to be accessed by people that were clairvoyant and had the psychic abilities in order to get to this information. She believed that the records had every action and word that we have ever spoken or thought and that this was the different ideas that humans have had and how they have evolved over their lifetimes.

People that look at the Akashic records and refer to them often believe that the souls are being judged and that this exists in a non-physical plane where the soul can reach the past, present and future.

Getting Your Akashic Records

If you are wanting to access your Akashic records, then here are some things you need to do:

  • Know what you want to know.
  • Have a certain question that you want to ask.
  • Clearly ask your question and your intention on knowing the answers.
  • Ask your guides.
  • Meditate so that you can be open minded and relaxed.
  • If you connect with a spirit, tell them what you want.
  • End your session and then write down what happened.

Reading Akashic Records

You must find an expert if you want o have your Akashic records read. You must find someone that is intuitive and that is able to use their psychic giftings in order to reach these records.

There are obstacles in getting the records and not everyone can do it. When you want to find out your records, you need to be prepared for what they are going to say. Do not expect them to be perfect and expect to have disbelief when you hear things that you have done.

Some people don’t want to hear their records because they are afraid of what they will find out but if the person decides that they need these records so that they can move forward, this can be part of their fate or destiny.

Accessing the Records

If you want to access your Akashic records, you have to have someone that can channel these records. They have to be able to access the records and to see the images from the guides and get instructions to open them. There will be so many records and reports and they are individual and unique to each person.

Some will be able to access their records on the first try and others will have to keep trying over and over. If you are persistent and you get your session repeated often, you will most likely have the best results.

Here are some methods to get your records:

  • Know what you want and tell what your intentions are.
  • Have a question and be clear with it. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • State what your intentions are and ask your guides to help you.
  • Meditate and be relaxed so that you can relax and hear the energy that you need to access your records. Be open in your heart and allow the answers to come to you.
  • When you connect to a guide or a spirit, tell them what you are there for.
  • After your session, end it and then write down in your journal what you received.

Akashic records can give you much insight to who you are and to what your future holds. You might find this amazing and you can use this information to explore more in your own life.