12 Ways to Know That You’re a Healer

Most people think of doctors and nurses when they think of healers. While those in those professions certainly have healing gifts, they aren’t the only ones that can be healers. Healers come in many forms and that can include those who heal beyond traditional medicine.

Healers can also be those who heal the spirit or shift energy to benefit everyone. There is no degree required for this, but you do need to develop this gift to make it useful.

There are 12 ways you can know if you are meant to do this type of healing.

  1. You feel you are meant for a global change.

Many in the spiritual community have talked about a global shift for years, but you feel you are being drawn to it. You want to lead it.

  1. You’ve been through tough times.

Those who have had it hardest find it easier to lead because they have both compassion and the stamina for it. Many cultures honor those who survive tragedies by making them people known as the group of wisdom. There is an idea that those who suffer the most depend on higher powers the most as well.

  1. You like to be alone.

Healers have a difficult time in this 3D world because they are also connected to the spiritual world. They are more comfortable there rather than here. Social interaction wears them out and they must rest and recharge after a lot of it.

  1. Nature is your happy place.

Being in nature causes your spiritual antenna to go up. You feel the positive energy from all of it and thrive in it.

  1. You are an empath.

Part of the gift of healing is sensitivity. That means all of your senses are on overdrive, which can make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed when in public settings. You feel things, see things, hear things, sense things, and even smell things no one else does. You feel other people’s pain. This may make you feel crazy, but you’re not. It’s just part of what makes your gift special.

  1. You want to help ease suffering.

Whether it is humans, animals, or even a plant, you feel the desire to ease suffering and help whatever it is thrive. This is a calling, just like a pastor is called to serve God.

  1. Your dreams are vivid.

One of the unique ways the spiritual world connects with humans is through dreams. Healers have more vivid dreams than other people. Keep a record and analyze your dreams when you have them. Pay attention to symbolism such as animal totems.

  1. You feel like you don’t belong.

This is a most uncomfortable feeling but it is one that healers have! The reason for the feeling is you live in two worlds, the spiritual and the temporal. That makes it hard to feel completely at ease in either. You are bridging the two worlds and sometimes they are inconsistent with each other.

  1. Creativity abounds in you.

Those who have the gift of healing have a real need to express themselves beyond what they can say. They are drawn to art, music, writing, and other creative things.

  1. Your intuition is on point.

Your gut instincts are usually correct. Don’t brush this off. Sometimes, it becomes easy to ignore those intuitive feelings because it conflicts with your rational mind.

  1. You are drawn to other healers.

This is an unusual gift you are exploring and you can’t talk to everyone about it. After all, most wouldn’t understand. You will want to be around others who have the same gift to feel a sense of belonging.

  1. You don’t like organized religion.

Organized religion seems too confining and you are curious about esoteric things that traditional religion doesn’t talk about. You want to know spiritual things and often explore those.

If you agreed with most of the attributes on this list, you likely have the gift of healing. That doesn’t mean you need to change your career but does mean you should start sharing your gift where you are right now. Offer compassion and kindness to those who cross your path. Develop your gifts so you can offer a healing word to all those around you.