Signs You Have Clairvoyant Abilities

Do you have things happening, but you do not realize it is a real sign? Have you had a gift your whole entire life and never realized that you had the power of clairvoyance?  There are many people that wonder how they know if they have a psychic gift. This is never a straight up or easy answer but there are ways you can find out how.

Some will ask, “do you see lights around people,” or “do you have things happen that you cannot explain?” Also, are there lights that float or shadows around you or are you teared up by flowers or by beautiful things?

There are things that people that have clairvoyance experience. Do you wonder if you have the gift of clairvoyance? If so, read on.

There are some signs that you can see that will help you know if you have this psychic gift.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is one of the bigger psychic gifts. This means to see clear. It allows you to see things without your eyes and to be able to reach into the soul and get knowledge from the spirit world. This is a gift from the universe, and it allows you to get intuitive information through dreams, visions, symbols, signs and more.

This is something that happens in your mind and not something you see with your eyes. You may find yourself daydream or having wishes or using your imagination a lot and these are all signs.

Having tuition means that you are using your right brain which is where your creativity flows from. The imagination works from this side of the brain and can bring you clairvoyant images.


You might not always know that you are clairvoyant because the signs do not always jump out at you. Maybe you had some kind of dream or you felt like you had a vision, but it was subtle and didn’t really stand out to you.

The reason that so many people have the gift of clairvoyance and do not realize it is because the signs can be so subtle that people miss them.

Signs of Clairvoyance

There are signs that might lead to you being clairvoyant and here are some of the top signs:


If you see lights floating or shadows going by you, chances are you will question your sanity. The truth is you are probably just gifted with clairvoyance.

The lights and colors that you see are coming from your higher being. This is where you can know that the spirits are trying to get your attention and give you a sign. You may see these things:

  • Orbs
  • Shadows in the air.
  • Flashing lights.
  • Twinkling out of the corner of your eyes.

The spirit world might frighten you some but there is nothing to be afraid of. When you see these things, it is likely your guides trying to show you that they are there for you and they love you.


Do you have thoughts and let your mind wonder often? If you do this a lot, then chances are the spirit guides are trying to get your attention.

This can be a sign you are clairvoyant. Clairvoyants often visualize situations and it is very natural to them.

Vivid Dreams

Are your dreams wild and vivid? Can you remember every detail and see bright colors and clear pictures when you are dreaming?

Most clairvoyants will have vivid dreams even when they sleep. If you have these dreams, then you are getting insight on what is happening in your life.

Pretty Things

Do you love visiting a museum or going out into the flower garden? If you are moved by these things, then chances are you are clairvoyant.

You might think everyone loves these things as much as you do but the truth is that most people like these things but are not really moved by them.

If you appreciate beautiful things and it affects your senses, then you are probably creative and have the gift of clairvoyance.

Moving Things

Do you see things out of the corner of your eyes, and they are moving?  Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder to see if something just went by you?

Spirits are found on the earth and they are full of energies. These can be spirits that have passed on and they are coming to give you signs or messages or even just to see you. This can be scary at first, but you do not have to worry because they are not there to harm you. Learn to embrace your gift.


Do you see the colors of the auras around yourself or others? These are energies from people, and they are surrounding yourself and others. The colors of the aura can tell a lot about people and if you find that you see them, you can understand what they are going through.

If you want to see an aura, relax your eyes when you are by someone and let it go out of focus. See if you see the colors surrounding them.

Fitting Together

Maybe you can already see how something works even when it is complicated. Some people have to have other people fix things that seem broken or need put together, but a clairvoyant can often see how things fit without having instructions.

Clairvoyants are often natural about these things and this is part of the gift.


Do you make scenes in your mind about the future or you want to create things or design things? People that are clairvoyant have a good sense of sight and they are able to see the end of something before it even starts.


Can you get anywhere you are driving even without directions?? Clairvoyants often are like a GPS and they can follow directions from the spirit world and get wherever they want.

Even though having psychic gifts are great, if they are not practiced and developed it can be less beneficial to those that have them.

Some people are dyslexic, and they have learning disorders, but this can even be part of the perception of reality. Even though Picasso had this learning disability, he was considered psychic and had powers beyond what anyone even realized.


Picasso was able to learn and develop his gifts and you can do. When you find out that you have this gift, here are some things you can do:

  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Learn to trust who you are.
  • Accept your gift.
  • Ground your chakras.
  • Practice your abilities.
  • Visualize things such as objects or flowers.
  • Meditate often.
  • Play clairvoyant games (having someone put objects on a counter in the next room and you say what is on the counter).


If you want to really know if you are clairvoyant, you will be able to test this to a point.  The way that you can do this is to look at pictures. Once you find some pictures to look at, study them and try to find out what the pictures are telling you.

After you study the pictures, find out the real history behind the pictures and see if you are right. You can even take pictures that are from friends or family members and study them and try to figure out what the pictures are telling you.

Write down how you did. Practice this anytime that you can so that you can develop your powers. You should get vibes from the pictures but if you do not, it doesn’t mean that you are not clairvoyant.

These exercises can help you to practice your abilities and get stronger.


Some ask, “what does clairvoyance mean?” Clairvoyance is when a person can get information by using their extrasensory perception. This is a French word, the clair word means clear and voyance means vision. This is one of the bigger psychic gifts that people have.

People with this gift are able to reach out to the spirit world and get information from the universe.

Clairvoyance in Psychology

Psychology calls clairvoyance a way that people get information without knowing anything about a subject or a situation.

Becoming Clairvoyant

If you are clairvoyant, you can get images and symbols from visions or dreams. You can also pick up information just from your senses and from the world around you.

Improving Abilities

You can increase your clairvoyant abilities by practicing. Focus on your energy and pay attention how people and areas make you feel. See if you see lights and flashing colors.

Try meditating and journaling so that you can strengthen your abilities even further.

Are You Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance is a common psychic gift. It is a great gift that the universe gives people. If you are clairvoyant, you will need to develop your gift. Once you do this, you can use your gift to your full potential.

If you want to know more about your gifts or about your abilities, look online at guides or blogs so that you can increase your powers and know more about them.