13 Common Psychic Skills You Need to Develop Today

Psychic talents can be far ranging and go well beyond the archetype of a kerchiefed woman gazing into a crystal ball.  There is a myriad of spiritual and intuitive skills that psychic use to provide guidance and clarity to their clients.  Below we have compiled 13 powerful psychic gifts that you should know.

1-6 The Clairs

The Clairs are psychic senses that can be used to receive vital message from the spirit realm.

Clairvoyance: Psychic sight.  Your mind’s eye will show you critical images or visions.  You might even be able to see spirits after they have crossed over.

Clairaudience: Psychic hearing.  People with this skill hear within themselves thoughts, words, music or natural sounds.  The sound may arise when holding an object, thinking of a being, or spur of the moment.

Clairsentience: Psychic “feeling.”  You can run into a complete stranger and instantly know their birthday, profession or personal information.

Clairalience: Psychic smell.  Spirits can send smells to confirm their presence to a doubting client.

Clairgustance: Psychic taste. Similar to Clairalience.

Claircognizance: Psychic “knowing.”  You can enter a room and immediate under the history and dynamics of the space and all those within it.

  1. Understanding Auras

Psychics can read the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings, known as an aura.  They will detect subtle shifts in energy by fluctuations in colors, patterns or vibrations.

  1. Telepathy

This is a talent of ascertaining another person’s mind and sending it to another person without speaking.

  1. Remote Viewing

This involves interpreting facts about a person who lives far around without accessing any physical senses.  The psychic will see snapshots of the person and their life, but must make an interpretation based solely on what they see.

  1. Automatic Writing

People can write based solely on spiritual instinct devoid of conscious thought.  It is thought automatic writing is the result of one’s ability to channel a spiritual being and it’s this being that is responsible for the written words.

  1. Precognition

People can interpret the future based on intuitions or visions.  Psychics with this skill help relay connections to clients about past or present events in order to help make them aware of future opportunities.

  1. Energy Work

Whether reiki, tai chi, qigong, acupuncture or crystal healing, energy work involves balancing the electromagnetic field that surrounds ever living body.

  1. Psychometry

Simply touching an object can provide a psychic a clear message regarding its previous owner and the history behind the items or the individual.