Is Your Soulmate on the Way?

Part of the human experience is a quest for life-long love, otherwise known as a soulmate. This is a common concern for people. Many people call on psychics and mediums to ask when their soulmate is coming into their life or how to tell if they have been found. The good news is that our angels will send signs to help us recognize that our soulmate is getting close. Some of these signs are shared below.

Disappearing Exes

One of the signs is when you have previously had a good relationship with exes, but they suddenly start disappearing for no real reason. This tends to mean the person is growing and blossoming spiritually so they can release the security blanket that was the past relationships. This shows that their higher consciousness has shown them it is time to let go. Since the former lovers are not returning, true love is on its way.

The Copycat

Many times, there will be a copycat that shows up before the real thing. For some reason this relationship will not work out, but a new love is coming along soon, possibly with the same look or name. When you see someone enter your life that is perfect except for a couple things, then it is a sign that the real deal is likely nearby.

Knowing a Stranger

If you have had that moment with someone who you feel like you know or have met before, that seems highly familiar, then it is something from our past life that the spirit is responding to in the present. We may recognize the person, situation, smell, or even building, but not quite place why or from where. These coincidences are typically strong when we meet our soulmate, when it is time to make the real connection, they will be drawn back into your life. DO not try to force it.


For many, finding a soulmate is a quest with an inner drive forcing us to search. It may seem we are turning over every rock in search of this person. Often, as we get closer to our soulmate, we seem to slow this search down without meaning to in the moment. This is because on a deep level, we know our soulmate will soon be in our lives.

When these factors seem to come together in our life, it is a sign from the guides that your life long partner is soon to be in your life. Let things develop as they come. It may not be easy, but the spirit world is in control and you will know when your soulmate is in front of you. Take time to work on yourself and let the universe provide your soulmate when the time is right, often when you least expect it.