Signs You are an Empath

Being an empath means that you feel the feelings and the emotions of others. This can also mean that you are experiencing different feelings a lot of different times. People that are empaths must have some kind of defenses to keep themselves grounded.

Dream Empaths

When a person dreams a lot and remembers their dreams, chances are they are a dream empath. They might have started having these dreams as a child and they love to sleep at night because they are able to get information from the spiritual world about healing and guidance while they are sleeping. Sometimes these dreams will come in good dreams and other times they might be nightmares.

Some people that are empaths will dream about their spiritual guides and will get messages while they sleep. These can come in different forms such as animals, angels or even just loving voices. They will teach them to overcome hard things in their life or tell them how to reach their goals. They give information that is loving and compassionate and never hurtful.

A dream empath can also experience astral projection or traveling in their dreams, some have had this happen even as a child and so they are able to experience a lot in the dream world.

A dream empath can develop their giftings and they can do this by writing down the dreams that they have when they wake up each morning. They can meditate before they sleep, and they can spend quality time int heir sleeping time and record whatever happened to them.

Being a dream empath should be a time where you ask a lot of questions such as “what job should I take,” or “is my relationship good?” Chances are a dream empath will get the answers while they are sleeping.

Telepathic Empaths

An empath that is telepathic can read what is happening to people form the past or even in the present. They can recognize the thoughts that others have, and they can see these through images or flashes. This can happen with someone they know or even strangers.

Maybe you are thinking about someone and then they call you even though you haven’t heard from them for many years. Or chances are someone you are thinking about calls you and they are sick.

Intuition can be accurate and is not just about what you are thinking about or your feelings. There is a high emotional charge that comes with intuition and you need to learn to understand if this information is from inside of you or form the universe. You have to know who you are, and you have to not be afraid of your feelings.

If you are afraid, chances are the thoughts that you are having are just flashes of fear and not of reality for you. You must have a neutral thought process and if you do, what you feel is more than likely accurate. You might be upset from some of the images and messages that you get, and this is a good idea that the thoughts and images are true.

When you are a telepathic empath, it can be hard and you can sense things from strangers that you pass on the street, friends, family members or almost anyone around you. You might not even be concentrating on them when you get your messages. This gift can leave you feeling strong and connected to others. This is a very important gifting.

Earth Empaths

Someone that is an earth empath is attuned to nature and their own physical self. They are sensual and energetic, and they can feel what the universe is doing such as a storm or a sunny day. They love the moon and they love the sun. If you are an earth empath, you will be connected to the beauty of the earth and your own body. You will love the ocean and the tides will affect you and make you feel different. You might even have seasonal disorders depending on the weather.

If you are an earth empath, your body is connected to the universe and you will go through changes as the earth changes. This can make you feel stressed or anxious and have health problems. When the earth is happy, you are happy.

You will be strong in these abilities and you can do this by being connected to the earth. Spend time in nature and let the elements of the earth communicate with you. Eat things from the earth and stay healthy. Eat organically and bond with the earth as much as you can. Do not eat junk food because you need the good energy form the earth.

You can use the earth to ask questions. Let the earth answer you through intuition and when she does, do what she says. Mother Earth needs to be respected and cared for and this is what can leave you feeling happy and whole.

Precognitive Empaths

A person that is a precognitive empath will have premonitions about the future and these can come when they are sleeping, in their dreams or even while they are awake. These can come fast, or they can tune in slowly.

A precognitive empath can increase their giftings by practice and they can learn to get messages about the health of someone, about relationships, careers, issues and other things.

Precognitive empaths have to know how to use their foreknowledge and need to make sure that they are full of integrity. If someone is in a bad situation, you need to make sure that you are cautious as to how you tell them. When something is good such as someone gets pregnant, you can use your intuition to tell someone about this, but you have to make sure that you are sure of what you are saying. Do not think you are all-knowing or be prideful.

In some events, you will not be able to change them and so it might not always be the best to mention these to someone. You need to always know what the answer is so that you know if you should tell someone about the information you have or keep it to yourself.

Listen to what your intuition tells you and if you do not share and the message gets stronger, chances are you might be needing to tell that person. If you receive intuition about a patient or someone that is in your life and the information ill not help them, do not tell them.

Intuition can scare people if they are not aware of intuition and about an empath’s talents. Maintain integrity in all that you do and always be kind when you share what you know.

Intuitive empaths can have different forms, but you can practice these giftings. You might have intuition from your subconscious or you might have a higher power. Always allow this connection to help others and if it isn’t, keep it to yourself.