What Should You Do To Find A Right Psychic

      I was looking for a real psychic but after a bad experience online, I developed skepticism and I thought maybe real psychics didn’t exist at all. The thing is, I was going through a personal transformation. I felt that I had left behind a whole life, yet I hadn’t fully arrived at my new way of being. Just like anyone who goes through changes, I needed advice.

Approaching 35, I swore I wouldn’t have another fleeting endeavor with a man, and I also swore I would make my new online business work out because I didn’t want to work for someone else anymore. Everything was fragile: me, how I organized my days, this new way of living, results etc.

I had gotten a psychic reading because I just wanted confirmation that I was doing the right thing, that the path I took was the best for me. But the psychic didn’t give me any details. She said things she could’ve copied from another reading. So I went ahead and used Tarot cards, and I generated my birth chart online, but I didn’t know how to interpret what I found. I was at a dead-end.

All I wanted was a detailed personal reading.

I was in in a place I now call “optimistic skepticism.” I accepted the fact that some people were more tuned in to the universe than I was. I believed in spirit guides and their power to show the way, because at some points in my life I swear I could hear a voice from within so strong and just so wise that I was sure it wasn’t me. So I knew wisdom was out there, and that there had to be psychics who could connect with guides, ask questions and get answers.

That’s when it dawned on me. I had to find the RIGHT psychic.

Some people are just better at what they do than others. There are runners and then there are Olympic medal winners. So maybe it’s practice and experience. Maybe it’s an innate talent. Whatever it was, I just had to find the right psychic for me, the one who could do a detailed reading for me.

I swore I’d find the reading I wanted, just the way I wanted. So I did a lot of research.

First things first: are psychics real?

I found that we are all psychics to some degree. So, it’s really just that we call those who are MUCH better connected to their innate gifts “psychics.” Luckily some of them offer their wisdom to us in professional settings.

My personal intuiting experiences were just part of being a human being – but for me, when they happened, they were the exception. For professional psychics, they are the norm. Also, I don’t always know how to interpret the messages or signs. A good psychic does.

How do psychic readings work?

Good psychics almost always use a technique, something that helps them focus. For some, it’s the date of birth, names of people involved, or a natal chart. For others it’s the Tarot cards or rune stones or spiritual channeling. So, through these techniques, psychics connect to the bigger pattern, the spiritual wisdom.

I also found that studies show people experience time differently. While most of us experience time as a linear affair, good psychics are able to feel it as a mix of patterns that includes cyclical events such as seasons, karmic recurrences, etc.

How to find real psychics

In my experience, chat readings are the best because the psychic can’t make any inferences from my facial expression, body language, or clothes. None whatsoever. So they really have to be real. But because I also don’t get to see the psychic, I have to pay attention to finding the right psychic for me.

Well-known psychic websites allow users to post ratings and reviews of each psychic. You get to see the good and the bad testimonials. This is important. If hundreds or even thousands of people wrote great reviews about a specific psychic, I’ll give them a try. I am difficult to impress, so it still doesn’t mean I’ll be happy with them, but the chances are higher.


What to do with psychic predictions?

Predictions help me make informed choices, be sure of the path I am taking, or take a risk for something I want very much. Predictions are like maps – I can use them to empower myself, to prepare for what’s coming, or to change my present, now. It’s mine to mold them into the shape I want, and that’s what’s great about real psychic readings. I am given forward-moving solutions but I remain the chooser of the direction I want to take. And I like being in charge.

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