Major Difference Between Gifted And Fraud Psychic

Well, today you’re in luck because we’re going to share a few things to look out for when choosing a psychic…

Things gifted psychics will do

  • Help you find peace and clarity
  • Encourage you to use your intuition to determine the right path
  • Give you honest information
  • Share both positive and negative news in a sensitive way
  • Inspire you to make the most of your life ahead (rather than scaring you into doing what they say)

Things gifted psychics won’t do

  • Use scare tactics to manipulate you into paying for more sessions
  • Claim to have the ability to read your mind
  • Tell you that you’re cursed
  • Insist on charging you money so they can lift a curse or spell
  • Tell you exactly what your future holds

A gifted psychic medium will help you find peace and clarity so that you can progress your life. A fake psychic may scare and intimidate you into paying them more money so they can fix non-existent problems.

Common fake psychic tricks

One of the most common scams (and easiest tricks to spot) involves warning you of a ‘dark energy’ that’s surrounding you. A fake psychic might tell you that a curse has been put in place or your family have fallen victim to an evil spell. Don’t let such scare tactics fool you! These terrifying tales are just one big ploy to make you pay for more sessions.

As well as keeping an eye out for the bad, be suspicious if you hear too much good, too. If your psychic’s promising you a promotion, a new relationship, and a lottery win, they might just be telling you exactly what you want to hear. Life is far from straightforward. It’s one long rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. So when a psychic suggests your life is going to be perfect, they’re probably making your reading up.

Another common trick involves asking you lots of questions. Although this approach may make you feel as though your medium cares about you, they’re simply digging for ‘material’. Think of it this way – if you tell your medium about your most recent break up, job hunting struggles and the loss of a family member, you’re doing half their job for them. They’ll simply relay that information back to you but with embellishments and a dusting of advice.

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