Use of cards to tell fortune and predictions

There is an old saying that goes “it’s all in the cards”. It originates from cartomancy; which is the use of cards in fortune telling.

If properly used, cards are very powerful tools that can assist us in making huge decisions and predict what is to come.

It’s not just a coincidence.

Use of Cards to tell fortune and predictionsYou should know that the order in which cards are played is not a coincidence but  a psychic message from beyond the horizon.

Since it’s linked to astrology, playing cards are associated with spiritual powers, the individuals capable of harvesting this power have the answers to many life-related questions in their fingertips.

The 4 Suits

Playing of cards is split into  4 suits:

  • Hearts
  • Clubs
  • Spades
  • Diamonds

Each suit is again linked to another element:

  • Hearts- Water: little is understood about this suit, but is related to human psychology and fortunes
  • Clubs-fire: it’s related to strong feelings like passion, romance, and disagreement. It deals with money and as compared to fire, they can either be very nice and warm but able to destroy a lot when not handled properly
  • Spades-air; this shows up when we are in a dilemma. Most of the time they depict incoming danger
  • Diamonds-earth: related to material things like property and money. They at times shine light on our careers.

You have probably heard about zodiac sign and their meanings. We can now dig into the meaning of each card on the deck.

Use of Cards to tell fortune and predictionsSee below for the meaning of 52 cards:


Ace of Hearts: resenting matters of joy and romance, this is one of the most powerful ones

King of hearts: indicates that a male with a water zodiac sign might cross your path in the time to come. he will be a nice person and will love you and show you kindness. He will be of little words but very intelligent and help you when in dire need

Queen of hearts: indicates that a female with a water zodiac sign might cross your path in the time to come. she will be a very nice person and will show you romance, kindness. she will be full of motherly traits as well.

Jack of hearts: still a young one with a water zodiac sign all over their chart, could be someone who admires you or just a friend.

10 of hearts: this one is related to great  wealth and even greater achievements In the time to come

9 of hearts: it’s also called the card of wishes: it foretells the achievement of a dream or something you have wished for

8 of hearts: a present you never expected or surprise visit.

7 of hearts: this indicates a lack of trust of false love in your life and lets you know of a pending breakup or betrayal

6 of hearts: indicates pending luck or pending new lover in the time to come.

5 of hearts: this is a jealousy card.  A person in your life doesn’t wish you well

4 of hearts: related to travel, changing residences or even careers.

3 of hearts: quite difficult to understand, in good reading, it may signal romance and joy, but  when the reading is pessimistic, it signals emotional troubles or inability to make decisions in your love life

2 of hearts: signals a strong supportive role from your lover and a very great card indeed.


Ace of clubs: this is related to fortune and well being.

King of clubs: a male with a very nice heart and fire zodiac sign in his readings might cross your future path

Queen of clubs: A female with lots of confidence with fire zodiac sig all over her readings will cross your future path.

Jack of clubs: a young individual who admires you might cross your future path

10 of clubs: great achievements in terms of money and investments. If you engage in a trip, you might meet a new lover

9 of clubs: dealing with money or marriage, it just reflects on achievements

8 of clubs: jealousy that may cause investments problems to occupy your future

7 of clubs: represents either success in investments or relationship hardships

6 of clubs: card of luck representing great wealth and achievements

5 of clubs: you are about to make new pals

4of clubs: this issues an alert of a pending betrayal. Stay awake and be watchful

3of clubs: this one reflects romance in a union or another opportunity to make things right business wise

2 of clubs: grapevine might cause ups and downs in your journey to success.


Ace of spades: this indicates bad luck, death. Nobody wishes to draw  this card

King of spades: determined  male  with air zodiac sign  on his readings is somewhere in your future

Jack of spades: a young individual awaits you, but he is full of jealousy and hostility

10 of spades: signals bad events in your future.

9 of spades: not a good one as well, and might signal diseases, accidents or other bad events in time to come

8 of spades: it is associated with breakups, hazards, and temptations

7 of spades: pending bad advice and  barriers  to your success

6 of spades: minor changes coming your way soon

5 of spades: a negative barrier lies ahead, watch out.

4 of spades: you are bound to face minor hurdles ie money problems and other issues

3 of spades: breakup is due for your love life. There might be a person who has set out to ensure you don’t succeed

2 of spades: separation, unfaithfulness is in the future. Please be alert over these warnings


Ace of diamonds: an optimistic change, mainly money related is in your future

King of diamonds: a much older male with earth zodiac sign all over his readings will come into your future. He will express authority and influence on you

Queen of diamonds:  a female who loves grapevine will cross your future path

10 of diamonds: A very good change involving money

9 0f diamonds: new investment chance lies in the time to come

8 of diamonds: new career or lover in the near future

7 of diamonds: a disagreement about money or job is in the future, but it would be easily resolved

6 of diamonds: breakups and relationship issues  are soon to come

5 of diamond: a good change is about to occur and it will make you very successful. It could also signal the birth of a newborn.

4 of diamonds: great counsel awaits you or you might just get lucky with your finances

3 of diamonds: a legal document might come your way, handle it carefully to avoid issues

2 of diamonds: a great investment opportunity is coming, but grapevine might interfere.

The types of Cartomancy readings

Laying out multiple cards show a bigger image of things in the future. Place the cards on a table and then go ahead and extract the meaning portrayed.

The most common outcomes are:

  • A single card for a short query.
  • 3 cards: to represent past life, current life and what is to come.
  • 3 cards for each of the following: You, family, pals, anticipated and non-anticipated acts and their results
  • Have your own set of questions

You can now start reading your own fortunes and your loved ones, since your familiar with the basics.