Bridging the Worlds of Tarot and Science

When it comes to two very opposite worlds, the perception of tarot and science has never necessarily found a way to accomplish common ground. But now through a modern tarot deck, the Science Tarot offers a way to bridge the gap between science and tarot. In this deck, the worlds of mythology and mysticism are infused with nature and logic instead of being presented at odds with each other. This deck follows Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey archetype, telling a unique story from Ace to Ten. When using this deck, you’ll be able to follow your own personal Hero’s Journey of myths and archetypes using well-known scientists as well as scientific principles and concepts.

Bridging the Worlds of Tarot and ScienceMajor Arcana as Stories

The major arcana cards in this deck feature insightful scientific discoveries that have affected the way we look at the modern world. For example, using Mendel’s Peas experiments where he discovered heredity traits in animals, plants, and humans is represented by the Empress. So, this specific card offers a story of patience, growth, and observational themes.

Wands as Creation

Bunsen burners are used to represent wands in this deck, symbolizing fire…the foundation of life. These cards focus on imagery of cosmology, astrology, and the planets. These cards ask you to explore your human connection to your beginnings in order to create and thrive.

Pentacles as Exchange

Bridging the Worlds of Tarot and ScienceA magnifying glass is used as the icon for pentacles in this deck. In using the magnifying glass as a symbol, it helps us take an in-depth look at the way worldly elements interact with each other. The imagery in these cards depicts geology and chemistry aspects in order to further comprehend the connections between the mystical and scientific worlds.

Swords as Observation

In the Science Tarot deck, scalpels represent the swords. The scientific method, math, and physics are the focus of these cards, illustrating the ways in which our consciousness connects to physical matter in the world. These sword cards allow observations of how connections are related to your journey in life.

Cups as Integration

A scientific beaker is used in this deck to represent the cups suit. It’s used to symbolize what is contained within the earthly world and returning to this earthly world. Upon this return, we are tasked to think upon the relationships and emotions of ourselves and others.

In seeing some of the examples of how science is used with tarot for this Science Tarot deck, it’s clear that the bridge between logic and mysticism can be crossed and combined. The deck shows us that science can be just as mysterious as mythology and can help us cultivate a better navigation on our life paths.