Spiritual Awakening: How to Cope

Spiritual Awakening: How to CopeA spiritual awakening can be shocking and in ways, somewhat painful. Imagine being in total darkness and suddenly the room was flooded with bright lights. It would hurt to open your eyes at first, but over time you would slowly adjust. You could eventually squint and see blurry shapes and figures, then your eyes would adjust and you could see all. This same basic thing happens when your vibration increases to higher frequencies.

During a spiritual awakening there will be many questions, feelings, and concerns. There is a battle being waged between the physical world and the spiritual. The following advice is to help you deal with the fallout and concerns of a spiritual awakening.

Keep Your Composure

Being spiritually awakened is new and sometimes confusing. Your perception has been altered and you may be feeling lonely or sad. Take a deep breath and compose yourself so that you can stay calm. For extra support, find others who have already achieved spiritual awakening.

Drink Water

Water really is good for everything, including conducting electrical signals and improving brain function. Drinking plenty of water will keep you from getting thirsty and adjusts the vibration changes in the body. This will also clear your mind and allow for better focus.

Fight Depression

What you are seeing since your awakening is real and true. This means you are more sensitive than most others, perceiving emotions at higher levels. This can lead to anxiety and depression, especially in the beginning. Appreciate the effort you are putting into helping others, even if things do not go as planned.

Neat and Clean

Negative energies thrive in unclean or unhygienic environments. During an awakening, you are more vulnerable to these energies and germs. Keep better control with a clean environment, work and home, to bring on prosperity and positivity.


This is a vulnerable time in life in the beginning. Make sure you are avoiding places that make you feel uneasy and people who are negative. Also avoid stimulants and chemicals to keep your body ready to learn and grow. Avoid sleepless nights by making sure everything is in its place and you are relaxed.

Accept It

The more comfortable you are with the spiritual awakening, the easier it will be. This is a time of change and energy shifts. Accept these changes as they come so you are better able to cope.