Psychic Predictions

Psychics can really make some great predictions.  There are many psychics that have predicted things that no one would ever believe to come true.

No Divorce

One psychic told someone that their mom would marry, and they would not have a divorce.  After their dad died, the mom found a note she had wrote after talking to the psychic and figured out that he knew her husband was going to die.


Another psychic told a woman that she would have two kids, both daughters.  The mom did not believe it because she was not married but a few years later, she had one daughter and then another.

Getting Pregnant

A psychic told a lady that she would be pregnant right after stopping her birth control.  She was also told she would get a new job and it would be great.  A few weeks later she got a job AND got pregnant just a few weeks after stopping her birth control.

Fortune Cookie

Some lucky numbers were written down by a psychic and a few weeks later a lady was eating Chinese and opened her fortune cookies and the cookies had the same exact numbers as the psychic had written down.


When going to a tarot reader, a woman was told to stay away from a man that had dark hair that was long.  Later, she recalled the psychic’s advice after she was in an abusive relationship with a man that had dark, long hair.

Older Girl

When this guy was born and his sister was 5 years old, a psychic told his parents that he would always be older than his sister.  When his sister became an adult, she was diagnosed with a mental disorder and people always thought he was older than his sister.

No More Forever

When Jen was 18, she asked a psychic if her and her boyfriend would be married.  She was told that they would be together for a long time but not forever.  They stayed together for almost 10 years before they broke up because he was a drug addict.  He later died from an overdose.


When Jessica’s grandpa died, her mom went to a psychic and she said that he had wanted to tell her that he had another child from a different lady.  Later, it was found out that Jessica’s grandparents actually had another child before getting married.

Easy to Read

Lori was 21 years old when she went to a psychic that told her that she was going to meet her husband through a person that she knew.  When she was 22, her best friend introduced her to her future husband.

Secret Affair

One psychic saw a guy and the first thing she asked him was when his parents were divorced.  His parents weren’t divorced at the time but about a year later, his dad had an affair on his mom, and they got divorced.

Love Connection

One psychic said that a lady would meet a blue-eyed guy at a club.  A few years later on a business trip, she met a blue-eyed guy that she fell in love with.


One family had been trying to get pregnant for a year and decided to go to a psychic to see why it hadn’t happened.  He told the lady that she would be pregnant in November and she found out she was pregnant on Thanksgiving Day.

Office Romance

A psychic went to the mall and told a girl that she would be happier with a guy she was spending time with.  She had been in a relationship for years but was becoming close to someone she worked with.  The psychic was right and she ended up with her coworker.


A lady went to see a psychic after her dad died.  The granddaughter went along but was worried about what the Bible said about going to psychics.  She didn’t talk about how it made her feel but when they got there, the psychic told her that she needed to not worry because God had given her the gift and he was good with her using it.  She even said, “You worried about that all day, didn’t you?”


One mother in law went to a psychic and got her fortune read and her kids and husbands.  The psychic told her that there was a lesson to learn from infidelity.  A few years later, she got divorced because her husband was cheating on her.


One man’s psychic told him that he could hear water in the walls of the guys apartment.  A few months later, the apartment caught on fire because of an electrical fire in the walls.


A psychic predicted that a man would marry a red headed person whose name started with the letter A.  There was a girl in his class named Andrea but years later, he married a guy named Adam because he was gay.

Future Teacher

A psychic told a young lady that her sister would be a teacher when she grew up.  Years later, she had become a teacher.

No Bride

Once, a psychic told a lady that she would never have a wedding.  She thought it meant she would never fall in love.  She was upset but it wasn’t that she wouldn’t fall in love but that she would later elope and not have a wedding.


When Kate was leaving, a psychic came out and gave her stones to protect her and made her promise that she would carry them all the time.  She seemed nervous and went back inside.  Later, she was life flighted form a car accident where she was declared dead on arrival but came back to life.

Forever Happy

When getting a tarot reading, a girl was thinking about her boyfriend.  The reader showed her the lover’s card and said they would have lots of kids later.  A few years later, her and her husband have 3 kids.