Developing Clairaudience

There is always a good time to develop the gift of clairaudience and it is something most anyone can do. Developing this gift could produce positive results for a lifetime.

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a primary psychic sense, also called “clear hearing.” It alludes to the ability to hear words and sounds in the supernatural. Everyone can have this ability, although some have more natural ability than others. Anyone can expand their frequency of clairaudient skills with just a few simple things.

One thing everyone can do is become aware of sounds occurring every day in the world around you. Pay attention to natural sounds around you like phones, birds, rain, wind and other background noises. The next step is to isolate sounds to identify them, their tones and unique features of them.

Listen carefully to others. This goes beyond just what they are saying. Find the little differences in their language, like their speech cadence. Try to remember how a loved one sounds. Being able to hear that voice in your mind strengthens the gift of clairaudience.

Set aside time to listen to relaxing music. This not only helps you unwind, but allows you to practice isolating the sounds made by the various instruments.

Relax. Finding a quiet place to work on your gift of clairaudience is important. Breathe deeply and notice natural sounds. Take a few minutes of quietness.

These exercises only take about 20 minutes a day, but can result in a rapid growth in your abilities. Keep a notebook to jot down thoughts as they come to you. Soon, you will find you have a clairaudient ear.