Knowing a Master Manipulator

There are many ways that you can identify a master manipulator.  Most likely, you will meet many of these types of people all throughout your life.  You will find them in the media, it will be people with power, and you will form relationships with these people, all so that they can get what they want out of you.  You will experience masters of manipulation all the time, maybe even each day.


Being around a manipulator is like being around a blackmailer.  These types of people will try to influence you and others on how to feel and how to act.  They will not care how they make people do things and will do whatever it takes to get people to follow them.

The biggest problem with a master manipulator is that it involves behaviors that some people cannot sense, and they will take on these situations and the manipulator will get away with it.

One tool of manipulation is when you use words to make people do what you want.  These words can control people and use them.

It is always important to learn to know the ways of a master manipulator.  Here are some ways you can identify them:

Feeling Guilty

A master manipulator will make you feel bad and they will justify why they are right. They will victimize you and will treat you like you are unthankful.  They will use things in their own life to make you feel sorry for them or to brag on them.

If you complain about how they are acting, they will talk badly about themselves so that you will feel sorry for them.  They will tell you about their sad life and make you feel that you are insensitive and uncaring.  This is a game for them.

Threatening You

Sometimes, a master manipulator will make threats that are not directed exactly at you.  They will use you and will treat you badly for what you do.  They will put you down and tell you that you are not going to be anything good in the future and they will talk to you so that you act they way that they want you to act.

These types of people will always be bothered when you are happy, and they will figure out how to make you miserable in your life.


Manipulators cannot communicate kindly.  They will call you names and they will talk to you with sarcasm to make you feel bad about yourself.  They will make you feel insecure and less than them.

When they send you messages, they will be aggressive, and they will put you down about who you are.  Sometimes when you are victim of this, you will believe that you are trying to help them by being kind to them but the truth is that they do not want your help.  They just want to hurt you and put you down.


A manipulator will come across to everyone else as charming and kind.  They will flatter you and everyone else when they first meet you so that you will think they are wonderful and great.  It will then later change to their next personality.

In their next personality, they will start manipulating you.  Then, when you are not able to understand them, they will begin to treat you badly and will ask you why you think badly about them when they are so wonderful.


Your manipulator will become your spiritual guide and they will try to tell you how you need to live.  They will judge every decision that you make and will preach at you and tell you that you are wrong.  They will quote spiritual advisors and make you feel that you don’t know who you are or what you are doing.  They will tell you when you mess up and offer you advice even if you choose to not take it.

When you have a good friend, they will not tell you what to do but will give you advice and try to help you.  A manipulator is opposite, and they will hound you for doing opposite of what they say.

Subject Changing

A manipulator will not ever stay on the subject that you want to talk about.  When you try, they will argue with you and lie to you.

They will put you down and tell you that you are wrong.  They will be insensitive and make you feel like you are foolish.  IF you ask them about it, they will not talk to you about it and they will change the subject and make you feel that it is your own fault.


A manipulator will do something and then blame you for it.  They will break something, and they will make you apologize and pay for it.  They will cheat on you and blame you for their cheating.  This will cause you to feel guilty and you will ask for forgiveness and feel that you are misunderstanding them.


Learn to know a master manipulator and get them out of your life before you get hurt.