Becoming a Powerful Empath

Empaths are people that are put on the earth and are loving, kind and they are highly emotional and sensitive people.  They are on the earth and are there to help others and to take care of other people.  The problem with being an empath is that you can become very emotional and this can wear you down in your mentality and in your physical body.

Empaths often have physical sicknesses such as being nauseous and tired and when they are around people that have physical conditions, they can even pick those up.

Most empaths have both physical and emotional paths and these people can even feel the feelings of animals.  If they go to a zoo, they can tell what the animals are feeling and doing small things such as watching the news can be hard on an empath.

If you have the traits of an empath, then you might feel that you are always tired and in some kind of pain.

Traits of an Empath

There are different types of empath and no two are really alike.  They will all have different degrees of how feelings will show up in their life and most empaths will have these super traits that means that they are optimistic about things and they compromise because they want peace.

Some empaths will trust others and will have strong relationships.  They will fix others, and this is why an empath is a target for an emotional vampire.

Sometimes, an empath feels that they need to hide.  This desire is not all the time, but an empath needs to learn to protect themselves.  Sometimes, they do this by seeming socially awkward or withdrawn but the truth is that going to a party or out in groups can cause an empath to be overwhelmed.

An empath has negative energies sometimes and no matter how hard they want to take care of themselves, they can end up tired, and even sick.

Some great news is that you can still be well if you are an empath and there are ways that you can work on protecting yourself and healing yourself.

Different Empath Traits

Here are some traits that can mean that you are an empath:

  • If you are highly sensitive and you get overwhelmed fast.
  • When you connected to a higher source and feel spiritual inside of yourself.
  • When you absorb the moods of others.
  • Having the emotions of people.
  • Being withdrawn.
  • Can use their gut feeling to figure things out.
  • Overwhelmed in relationships and in life.
  • Targeted by energy vampires and narcissists.
  • Looking into nature to feel better.
  • Have a great heart and a good listener.

Using Your Traits

If you are an empath and you feel that you are not happy about this, the gits that you have are important and there are ways that you can empower yourself.  Here are some ways:

  • Admit that you are an empath. This is your calling and you need to know that your calling has called you into the light.
  • Trust yourself. Your intuition will tell you what to do and you need to trust yourself to listen.
  • Do not be a victim. You might feel this way sometimes, get up and build your self-esteem.
  • Put up boundaries. Doing this can save you from being drained of your energies.
  • Take time to meditate and this can help you to save your energies.  When you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a few minutes in nature or time to meditate.
  • Deep breathing. Deep breathing can help you to think clearly and to push the negative energies out.
  • Get rid of negative energies. An empath will take in a lot of negative energy and this can cause you to feel bad and even sick.  Find something that gives you fun and freedom and something that gives you positive energies.
  • Love who you are. You have to love who you are.  Remember that the universe chose this gift for you and learn to honor yourself and embrace the feelings that you have.  This can help you live up to your full power.

Once you are able to see that you are meant to be an empath, you will see things in a deeper way.  Fill up your energy and center yourself. Make sure that you are always grounded.

Learn to improve your life as an empath by allowing yourself to accept who you are and by protecting yourself.